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Class Descriptions

Empire offers a diverse range of different dance styles to suit yours and your childs needs. This includwe Hiphop, Jazz, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Lyrical, Tap, Bboys (all boys hiphop class) and Acro. 


In contemporary/lyrcial classes, students apply their technique from ballet to dance. Contemporary focuses on angular and circular movement and lyrical is focused around intent and meaning. 


In jazz, Students are to apply technique, endurance and performance to this high powered style. The style of jazz is commercial where students are required to perform. 


Circus Class

This is a one hour class each week which consists of 1/2 hour Acrobatics and 1/2 hour Aerial Silks.

Aerial Silks

Aerial silks require a combination of strength, flexibility, and artistry. Performers often undergo extensive training to build the physical and technical skills necessary for this art form. Safety is paramount, and practitioners use proper rigging and equipment to ensure a secure performance space.


In ballet, students are required to have full ballet attire. They learn correct technique and alignent for dance while also working on posture and elegance. 


In hiphop, students learn how to isolate, pop, lock, groove. The music is based around RnB, Hiphop and Rap. This is a very popular dance style.




Acrobatics involves a combination of strength, agility, balance, and coordination to execute a variety of dynamic movements and stunts. It is often associated with circus performances but is also a key component of gymnastics and can be found in dance, cheerleading, and other disciplines.

Ready Set Dance

Is an innovative program designed specifically to introduce young children aged 2-5 years old to the world of dance. A fun class that appeals to both boys and girls, the program focuses on the three C's –Confidence, Coordination and Creativity.

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